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Fattening pure biological agent - fertilizer Kangtai

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Microecological immune Microecology

  Fertilizer in KangtaiBy the Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. according to a large number of foreign latest scientific research and experimental results of the farms, led by the domestic and foreign well-known industry experts team, using the latest U.S. biotechnology, selection of fine strains and foreign advanced production technology production, pure natural products to enhance immunity, aiming at the characteristics of feed and farming the development of the first set of nutritional microecology and immune micro ecology, anti infection microecology development of a micro ecological professional biological products fattening. Long term use of this product can promote growth, improve meat quality, save feed and have no residue, no side effect, no pollution.

Raw material composition:

Product composition analysis guarantee value:Total number of living bacteria over 1 * 109cfu/g

This product is made up of Bacillus subtilis, lactic acid bacteria, Clostridium butyricum, growth promoting peptide, energy activating factor, protease, amylase, cellulase, hemicellulase and pectinase. The activity of yeast and its metabolites, organic trace elements, TRLA, phagostimulating, peptides, growth factors and carrier etc..

Functional characteristics:

1, improve appetite:Promote digestion and absorption of cattle and sheep, the use of this product for 5 days, hunger, food intake increased. It can effectively solve the phenomenon of animal inexorability and growth retardation, which can obviously improve the feed intake and promote the growth and development.

2, promote the growth of fattening:Using this product for ten days, the skin is shiny and the sheep will be released 10-20 days ahead of time. The weight is 400 pounds. The shelf cattle can be slaughtered 1 months ahead of time, saving the feed 10%-15%, especially for the thin and weak cattle and sheep.。

3, improve the feed conversion rate:This product by promoting gastrointestinal mucosal villus growth, the gastrointestinal absorption area increased significantly, reduce feed waste, reduce the waste of undigested residue, feed nutrients are fully utilized to reduce or eliminate the cause of stress reaction of feed intake and feed waste phenomenon, enhance animal anti stress ability, reduce the stress response.

4. Improve the quality of meat:This product can promote protein synthesis, reduce protein decomposition, increase fat between muscles, reduce subcutaneous fat, improve water holding capacity of beef and mutton, improve meat quality, improve carcass quality, increase meat yield and improve carcass production rate by 5%.

5, reduce disease:Enhance the body's immunity, resistance, and repair the body's normal immune system, can significantly reduce the incidence of virus and bacterial disease. Adjusting the body's digestive system can obviously reduce the incidence of enteritis and diarrhea.

6. Safety:Long term use of this product can promote growth, improve meat quality, save feed, have no residue, no side effect, no pollution. In particular, the available dam!

7、Optimization of ecological environment,Reducing the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the house, reducing environmental pollution and improving the feeding environment.

Use fertilizer Kangtai for 5 days,Cattle and sheepThe appetite is obviously improved and the intake of food is increased. The hair color is smooth, the undigested feed in the feces is reduced, and the amount of defecation is reduced by 15-20%.

10 days of use of fertilizer Kangtai,The feed utilization ratio is increased, the ratio of feed to meat is reduced, the feed 10%-15% is saved and the resistance to disease is enhanced.。

15 days of use of fertilizer Kangtai,The gluteal, dorsal and leg muscles began to widen and thickened, the rate of lean meat increased by 5-10%, and the rate of carcass formation increased by 8%.

20 days of use of fertilizer Kangtai,30-50 days in advance, improvementCattle and sheep20-50 Jin, significantly improve the lean meat rate, improve the size of cattle and sheep and meat quality.

Note: the principle of fat Kangtai is to increase muscle growth and enhance body shape by increasing weight gain substantially, rather than the result of hormonal drug stimulation.

There is no residue of green! It is a new and safe and efficient additive for livestock and poultry approved by the Ministry of agriculture. Imported raw materials in the United States are welcome to do comparative experiments. Facts are better than eloquence.

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