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Jianyuan successful culture

  Jianyuan successful culture
When can I succeed?
When you put down your face and make money, it shows that you are already sensible.
When you make money back to your face, it shows that you have been successful.
When you can make money with face, you are already a character.
When you still stay there and drink, bragging,
There is nothing to understand and understand.
Just love the face of the so-called time, that your life is like this.
- Li Jiacheng
Success is eight hours away
To survive within eight hours and develop beyond eight hours

  Time is the most valuable resource, you should learn to manage time, use time, do not turn "idle" into "blank".
The workplace has three eight hours a day, the first eight hours is the work, the second eight hours is rest, the third eight hours is the spare time.
Eight hours of work, determine the ability to make money to make money, and to support you to become a social person all the fulcrum. And the chance to change your life is often beyond eight hours of work. It can decide what kind of person you will become. It can create a person or destroy a person. It is long and short; it is boring and interesting.
20% of the people in the world have 80% wealth, and 80% have only 20% wealth, which is called the 2-8 principle. Eight hours outside the work rest, as long as you make full use of it, then congratulate you, you are the 20%.
In eight hours to survive, eight hours out of development! Win in other people's rest! With a little more hard work, to exchange for the future great happiness. You can get through the worst of the time when you have a great passion for the rest of the eight hours you have created.

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