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Ten principles of employing persons in Enterprises

1. open, fair, fair, want to do + will dry + is talent;
2. virtuous and talented exceptional reuse, Youde not only cultivate talent without virtue, limited employment, non German firm was not;
3. recognition of corporate culture, identity Jianyuan this platform, the initiative for the company talent incubator;
4. can maintain the interests of the company, the idea and the company is highly consistent, highly able to stand in the position of the company in all directions to look at the problem;
5. regard the company as its own business, the problem of the company is my problem, I am the root of all.
6. it has the ability to distinguish and distinguish, the learning ability is strong, and the temptation is far away from the evil.
7. can set the heart on a platform and give it all over.
8. can practice the traditional culture of filial piety, filial piety to parents, family harmony;
9. should dare to bear, not to shirk the responsibility, everything is my responsibility;
10. can help others, achieve the heart of others, and support each other.

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