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Jianyuan thanksgiving culture

Jianyuan thanksgiving culture
- Tu when Yongquan, Thanksgiving all help me hold me elegant
The Raven has the grace of feeding back, the lamb has the knelt of milk.
How much grace is there in the heart; how many blessings are there; how much bitterness there is in the heart. To be thankful is to get a steady stream of energy!
 Thanksgiving parents

  The most selfless love of our parents is that our parents give us life and bring us up, because they have the opportunity to feel the joy of success, to experience the joys and sorrows of life, and to sigh the greatness of life.

 To be thankful for a lover

  The other half of life makes our life perfect. They accompany us to grow, accompany our experiences, accompany us through the most beautiful and bitter days.

 Be thankful for children

 Children let us feel the joy of being parents, and let us feel the magic of life's inheritance. Our children will make us more responsible and keep our driving force going forward.

 Gratitude to friends and colleagues

 Our friends and colleagues let us go far away, and let us rely on them when we are in difficulties, and let the road ahead of us be filled with laughter and laughter.

  Gratitude to the people

 Noble people help us in the critical moment of our life, motivate us to progress, guide us forward, make us grow and have confidence and hope for the future.

 Gratitude work

  Work is the gift of life, a duty and a mission. Work provides us with a platform to display our talents. It provides us with broad space for development, making ourselves more valuable, creating more value for ourselves, and giving ourselves the chance to realize our dream of life.

  The premise of being thankful for everything - make yourself worth it
 It is my first big. I have only to stand up in the workplace to hold up a space and put everything I want. The workplace did not stand up, and everything collapsed.
The opportunity to create value business platform flashball value, and has the ability to honor their parents, Thanksgiving has the ability to have the ability to protect the lover, let the children have the ability to fly higher, have the ability to thank friends and colleagues help to have the ability to repay the support will help
The enterprise gives us all the source of gratitude and progress. We grow experience, enrich ourselves and realize the value of life. We use passion to ignite ideals and wage to dominate our lives. Make yourself a valuable person, have the ability to thank your parents, your family, your friends, and be grateful to everyone who helps you, and become the pride of loving your own people and your loved ones. Therefore, we should be grateful to our enterprises, Thanksgiving enterprises, cultivate us, enable us to grow, and thank the enterprises to give us a world of self presentation, and let the grateful enterprises make themselves valuable people.

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