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Learning culture

Let each person Jianyuan learning culture in the mirror to Jianyuan has to examine, recognize their own what kind of employees, through daily reflection, daily progress, cultivating one's moral character to achieve self growth to solve all the problems, and to continuously!

Jianyuan biological development so far, pay attention to scientific research to enhance the strength and brand construction, set up the Taishan ruminant animal research institute, Taishan Institute of food research, health Taishan Jianyuan Institute of Microbiology, and the creation of a ruminant animal biologics brand source, health food brand - Taiyuan, health industry brand, happiness, education and training - brand company Xiu Cheng, in the United States and Hongkong incorporated the United States Fu Le Weimei health industry group limited, Fu Le Weimei Holdings Group limited.
Jianyuan people three years of struggle, people work Jianyuan three years, created today's advantage to 100 Jianyuan personal development 20 big advantages, all employees enjoy 10 welfare, sales staff, administrative staff 10 10 welfare benefits, the company's hardware advantage, 30 software company 20 advantages.

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