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The core idea of Jianyuan

Enterprise training: treat people with sincerity, to the letter to work, good faith to win the world
Core values of enterprises: filial piety, loyalty, four sincerity, four specialty
Enterprise mission: achievement staff, feedback customers, benefit the society
Enterprise spirit: Enyuan hundred years, heavy effect
Enterprise vision: healthy farming, return to nature
Brand positioning: creating the first brand of ruminant biologics in China
Business philosophy: respect love, unity, work by conscience
Learning philosophy: Learning in work, growing up in learning!
Enterprise faith: never retreat, never admit defeat, Yuecuoyueyong, will never change until death
Enterprise purpose: serve the dairy farmers with conscience, protect dairy safety, and achieve a healthy and happy life
Enterprise promise: true product, real price, heavy effect, zero distance, new service
Business philosophy: honesty, highlighting features, steady operation, the pursuit of sustainable
Product concept: 100% safety, 100% health, 100% intentions
Enterprise spirit: new craftsman spirit, product spirit, creator (Maker) spirit, practitioner spirit
Core competitiveness: through the whole, and learning and change, to change the thinking, to upgrade and achieve the unity of knowledge and cognition.
Innovative ideas: microorganisms, micro nutrition, micro regulation, micro investment, micro coordination, great benefits
Production concept: Although the production will not dare to save half a step, the raw material, although expensive, will not dare to halve
Quality concept: product comes from personality, quality comes from details, quality is the foundation of enterprise survival
Management philosophy: to unite people with culture, to control human nature with the system, to achieve life with brand

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