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Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd., a veteran by foreign famous university students returned to people, domestic animal husbandry experts, for many years engaged in the biological product industry co founded, is a commitment to research and development, production and sales of biological agents and the overall solution for the promotion of new high technology enterprises.
Owns two subsidiaries: Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Tai'an Taiyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and 21 division; three: Taishan Institute of ruminant animal research institute, Taishan Food Research Institute, Institute of Microbiology and health Jianyuan; has three biological health brand: CITIC source, bliss, Weimei maixikang, all-round development to help the health industry.
Real product, real price, and effect. The products of the company, Yi Jian Liyuan silage Bao, Kangtai, Li source net for two consecutive years in Shandong Animal Husbandry Expo Gold quality products and won the national and provincial awards, has won the "Chinese animal biotechnology", "star enterprise China animal micro ecological industry technology innovation strategic alliance member unit", "China the dairy industry association member units", "Shandong animal micro ecology Specialized Committee, executive director of the unit" "Shandong Dairy Association vice president of units", "Shandong province feed industry association member units", "Shandong animal micro ecological society member unit" "Tai'an feed industry association and vice president of the unit", "Shandong province animal husbandry association director unit" and other honors, highly valued and recognized by industry and customers.
The company believes that only concentration can make the product better. The products are certified by occupational health and safety management system certification, quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, food safety management system certification, and the four international system certification.
The company has 21 sales offices, sales network covering 32 provinces and autonomous regions, with professional technical service team, held in the country hundreds of technical training, active support and participate in major national dairy industry conference, promote the concept of healthy breeding cows. The team members went deep into the front line to solve the practical problems in the production for farmers, and were highly praised by farmers and the same industry. They gained high popularity and influence. Sales have grown into a geometric number, becoming the backbone of the field of biological agents.
The company will firmly adhere to the spirit of diligence, innovation, cooperation and solidarity, adhering to the goal of protecting the environment and benefiting mankind, and is committed to R & D and operation of green safety and environmental protection products. With a scientific attitude, a practical spirit, healthy, steady forward development...

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