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Talent strategy

  Enterprise talent view: let the right person do the right thing
  The development of enterprises can not be separated from the integration of fresh blood and new culture. Let the right people to do the right thing, has been a fine tradition of Jianyuan biological. Jianyuan biological in employee occupation career planning is based on individual behavior, character development he required the occupation career ability and quality, so that he (she) occupation in the future on the road farther wide.
  1. Guiding principle
  The ability to give priority to, with their wishes, professional self-confidence, the future of leaders.
  2, the principle of employing
  In the use of personnel, adhere to the "three public four use", namely: "open, fair, fair" and "use for the time", with its position, when used as its long, as a wish".
  3, education principle
  Work and education combined, for the compound management talents, the company adopts wide caliber training mode; for business / management professionals, emphasis on training in the business line and both socialist-minded and professionally competent, depth of line management. Training is the best welfare for employees, and it is the hope project of enterprises.
  4, the principle of keeping people
  "To keep people, keep people emotionally, pay, opportunities to keep people, keep people culture" is the successful practice of Jianyuan biological.
  5, career principles
  In the establishment of the goal of enterprise development at the same time, according to the above design department staff to grow lifelong goals, for employees to create a self design, self display platform, and according to the characteristics of individual personality, temperament, ability, interest, values, for employees to develop
A career development plan, and constantly develop the potential of employees.
  6, respect for talent principle
  Firmly establish "people-oriented" concept, vigorously to create respect for knowledge and talent atmosphere, improve talent treatment, outstanding contributions to the implementation of rewards.
  7, employment policy
  In the industry experience, more than two years of health, expressed strong communication skills and good work performance, can adapt to the modern social competition mechanism, biological identity Jianyuan enterprise culture, the pursuit of common development of enterprises and individuals.
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