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Core competitiveness

Through the whole, and learn, change, to change the thinking, to upgrade and achieve the unity of knowledge and cognition.
Whole: how many resources you can integrate and how much value you will create
Kb: all the fire of the wood, the strength of the crowd, and the industry of all
Learning: win in learning, victories in change
Change: if you want to change your pocket, you need to change your head first

Change of thinking
The product (patent technology thinking, thinking and innovative thinking, the most cutting-edge biotechnology research thinking, thinking, thinking (project) industry industry thinking, cross-border thinking, economic (financial) thinking thinking, thinking, thinking of capital) industry chain (Internet thinking, thinking, thinking, healthy agricultural ecosystem, platform thinking thinking, thinking, thinking) point line surface, three-dimensional thinking thinking
Cognitive upgrading
Do not know that you do not know - know that you do not know - know what you know - do not know what you know
Think oneself know everything, self righteous cognition state, fear, start empty cup mentality, prepare to enrich your cognition, grasp the rule of things, improve your cognition, and keep the empty cup mentality forever, is the highest level of cognition.
An outstanding person can not make a great company.
A great group of people can make a great company.
Excellence is not the resources, human, these are not important, the core is the ability to recognize;
The core of excellence is the cognitive upgrade of a company and a group of people.

The unity of knowledge and action
Knowing is the beginning of the line, the line is the knowledge.
True knowledge is so for the line, not enough to know;
The knowledge that conscience.
The mission is to achieve the staff, to give back to the customers and to benefit the society.
From the change to upgrade to the unity of knowledge and cognitive thinking,
The ability to integrate effective global resources and achieve strategic goals.

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