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The best anti heat stress relieving agent of dairy cow: hot schkang

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The best anti heat stress relieving agent for dairy cows
Heat stress solving expert of dairy cows

Ruminant special hot Shukang Shandong Jianyuan Biological Technology Co., relying on the superiority of universities, the introduction of the latest foreign successful experience, according to dairy cows under heat stress conditions of organic trace elements (especially organic chromium), yeast culture, vitamins and other nutrients to alleviate the heat stress of dairy cattle based on the effect of combined feeding characteristics in China, excellent breeding abroad, the use of advanced production technology, the system overall nutritional regulation theory and technology, the technology of various nutrition regulation to system integration, developed a new practical natural immune enhanced agent to alleviate heat stress in dairy cows.

Product composition analysis: to ensure that the value of the total number of living bacteria over 1 * 109cfu/g.

The main components of the Bacillus subtilis, lactic acid bacteria, potassium ion, sodium ion, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, lactic acid, glucose, vitamin C, and vitamin E; metallothioneins, organic trace elements (especially organic chromium), yeast culture composed of nutrients and carrier.

Main functions:

1. The electrolytes, glucose and vitamins contained in this product are beneficial to supplement the lack of nutrients and the balance of electrolytes in the stress state. Reduce stress animal body protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin, mineral and so on catabolism.
2, we should use the whole nutrition regulation theory and technology of the whole system to increase the heat of the body in the heat stressed period to the evaporation and heat dissipation of the skin, and at the same time, this product can reduce the thyroid activity of the animals, reduce the metabolic rate and reduce the heat production.
3, it can promote the secretion of adrenal cortex hormone, improve the anti stress ability of cattle, regulate the autonomic nerve, slow down the excessive heartbeat and respiratory rate, reduce the consumption of physical energy and increase the comfort.
4, it can effectively eliminate the oxidation free radicals of dairy cows, improve the total antioxidant capacity of dairy cows, improve the oxidative stress of dairy cows, improve the immune function of dairy cows, save endogenous antioxidants, reduce the rectal temperature at 0.3-0.5 degrees, and fully repair the mucosal damage caused by heat stress.
5, the metallothionein in this product can effectively eliminate the heat stress of ruminants, produce excessive free radicals and improve the activity of enzymes in the body under heat stress, so as to avoid ruminant liver injury, autoimmune diseases and endocrine disorders.
The 6, the goods in the micro ecological environment of bacteria and organic acids can significantly improve the animal intestinal tract, can promote the improvement of anaerobic fermentation, rumen digestion, improve feed, eliminate roughage or concentrate cattle because of heat stress caused by reduced food intake, chewing weakness, weakened, rather than ruminant feed trough such as loss of appetite phenomenon, improve cattle because of long-term indigestion is a rough without light thin physical phenomenon. It also stimulates the non - specific immune response of animals, increases the number and activity of phagocytes, thus effectively reducing the incidence of animal disease.
7, strengthen the organic trace elements (especially organic chromium), yeast culture add organic trace elements can alleviate the heat stress caused by cattle production decreased immune function and reduced performance, improve cattle performance only, yeast culture rich in amino acid, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients the material and some important cofactors, is an important source of nutrition growth of rumen microbes in ruminant animal, feeding yeast culture under stress, can reduce the temperature of 0.48 cows, so as to alleviate the heat stress.
8, this product can optimize the ecological environment and reduce environmental pollution. The concentration of contaminated gas, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, is reduced, and environmental pollution is reduced.

Usage and dosage:

  Adding: 6-10 per thousand mixed material, continuous use of the weather to cool down to 5 per thousand.
Remission: the use of high frequency of breathing, there is obvious heat stress phenomenon of cattle, 10 per thousand of mixed material, used for a week.

Other specific methods of use, please consult our regional technical support staff.

Customers use the effect of heat Shu Kang:

The use of time starting in June, 10 days before use by a cow 100 grams 60 grams add, after 10 days by adding a week or so, the feed intake increased, the digestibility increased throughout the summer than usual amount of milk dropped by an average of 0.5 kilograms, with heat and heat without Shukang Shukang summer data show less milk loss 1.5-2 kg.

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