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Jianyuan steep mountain training record

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And send the warm season in the spring, peach willow makeup on new huan. The equatorial Jinyang plain, two in the day and the night. The spring equinox, Dongfeng quietly, a gentle breeze is freely blowing, the recovery of all things.
At the end of the weekend, the company will go to steep mountain for training.
You have to be ready for a few days, that afternoon, with full to steep mountain. Drove to the road for resistance and plagioclase; after a long time, dense willow trees and bright flowers into the stadium.

Ready to finish, change the ball above the array; assembly number up, holding olives and gathered. Site banners fluttering, banners fluttering in front of.
The coach takes the queue, listens to the conductor and divides the group; starts from passes, teaches the foundation and drills.
Ten of the circle gradually expanding, in order to pass the ball fly; eye view to understand, and God will hear.

Group competition, a team of athletes passing back and forth, such as the dragon in the day, two teams of players like tiger.
Grasp the spirit of the company to present, spread the essence of corporate culture, learn all the diligence, battle are all united.
To be against the group, vibrant, trying to flee, and are full of passion; and tactics to innovation, to win cooperation.
The spirit of enterprise, vividly, popular.

The sun sets in the west, still on the field against the coach set, players fight more than. The return journey still linger, a pleasant.

Shandong Jianyuan biological all office staff and sales team is under the leadership of chairman Wang Cheng, in the steep mountain football training fields participated in the "Jianyuan biological football club football first training.
"Football Expert Club" chief leader Li Huanxu Lee on-site guidance, with its unique "rapid teaching method" for the vast majority of football players have never met and fell in love with the sport association,
It brings you great memories.

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