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Healthy breeding, tracing source by source

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Health culture, tracing source by source
First, the current challenges faced by dairy farming
Any farming industry, technology and philosophy are different sections of a sphere. Breeding technology can be constantly improved, but the concept of breeding collision sublimation needs to go through a long process, and even at a certain stage is controversial.
Aquaculture can be divided into "consumption type breeding" and "sustainable development" breeding". At present, there is the problem of high cost of breeding in dairy cattle breeding in China, so it is difficult to compete with foreign milk, and now the concept of high input and high output in the industry is worth discussing. Excessive investment, the pursuit of one-sided high yield will inevitably affect the welfare of cows, resulting in some vicious consequences. The importance of health culture is the emphasis on animal health and disease prevention in advance, improve animal immunity and control afterwards as we "see King Bian Que for having heard it many times" Enlightenment to us "as control". Some experts said, "if a ranch is too many veterinarians, vets busy, this ranch will be a problem."."
In the service of pasture realized that "the vast majority of farmers in a hitherto unknown dilemma: why the cow is more and more difficult to raise, even keep not to live? Why are vaccines more and more, drugs more and more new, disease even more rampant? Why disinfect all day, still can't resist the invasion of virus bacteria?" "How do we do it when we think about it?" The more the cows get sick, the more drugs are used; the more drugs are used, the stronger the resistance of pathogenic bacteria; the stronger the resistance is, the weaker the resistance of cows is, and naturally it is easier to get sick. Such a vicious circle."
"How to get out of this vicious circle?"" "That is the source must be traced, and locked firmly".
Two, the company to help farmers Jianyuan biological measures to meet the challenges
An overall solution for the ranch escort. The main service is the biological object Jianyuan technology is relatively weak, relatively poor production conditions of small and medium sized pasture, for these pastures, using a concept of the penetration effect is far greater than that of a product. "Health culture is a concept, not a product, most of the farm boss eyes just stare at the benefit, and the benefit is fundamental to the health of the cows, so I want to high efficiency, to act in a diametrically opposite way, go back this by source, find the root," to find the root of the problem to find the the fundamental way to solve the problem". So the first thing to do is to make cows healthy.
"Cows are herbivores," they should be free to live on the prairie, drinking water, bathing in the sun, running and so on". So, try to create conditions to make it return to nature, at least do not deliberately constraint, improve the environment, make it less sick.
"We each pasture will put forward a practical solution, the overall scheme is summed up as" Twelve word policy "-- the transfer and external control, scientific detection, reduce medication. Internal regulation refers to the regulation of intestinal tract, through the regulation of intestinal flora structure and flora balance, to achieve intestinal health. Intestinal health, cow's immunity and resistance will be enhanced, the feed conversion rate will improve the final to give full play to the growth and production potential; external control is to control the environment, as the saying goes, "the environment is the source of all diseases", so the external environment of the cow body blocked against it is particularly important to strengthen; scientific testing means, we are equipped with 40 sets of imported waste separation, and the most advanced testing instruments such as cow breast pathogenic bacteria, as long as there are high somatic ranch, the first time we went into a pasture were detected; in addition to reduce the amount of drugs, each pasture should pay attention to the problem, and the abuse of vaccine not only a waste of money, but also lead to bacterial resistance and virus mutation ability is more and more strong, making the disease impossible to guard against hopeless.
For this stage of the China dairy industry, should pay attention to not only the technology, but the execution ", but the ranch execution is not satisfactory," to this set of solutions on the floor must have own supervision, perfect the source, which is a major source of our service has paid attention to the."
A senior industry sources say, is now the key problem of dairy farming is not high Chinese but in healthy breeding, future development priorities are efficient, health, environmental protection, further refinement of management, and improve milk feed ratio, to feed the same output more healthy milk, milk quality.
"So our philosophy is' only for cow health" -- the reconstruction of cow body natural health ", further explained that the restoration of the long-term milk cows to cause body damage, like people, often do not pay attention to maintenance work if it is easy to sub-health state, there will be some unhealthy factors such cow's milk, some milk in index, some hidden in the invisible. Excessive feeding and excessive care, will make the normal physiological function of dairy cows suffered damage, physical health deteriorated, resulting in the loss of base resistance, low immunity, virus infection secondary to infection after become a major feature of cow disease, which is a common problem now facing our dairy industry sector. Therefore, whether the industry should reflect on the drawbacks of the traditional drug health care model and find a new health care model?. To break through from the root, to restore health and enhance the body's normal basic physiological function, the cows from diseases and reduce the deadly disease outbreaks, to maximize the benefits of dairy farming. Healthy breeding, tracing the source and resolving the core of the challenge of dairy cattle breeders.
Source: China Dairy Association

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