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Strive for honesty, God always leave a window for you

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The general manager will interview with Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. Wang Cheng
The name of Shandong Jianyuan biotechnology limited company to the public is not familiar with, but although established in the industry is a big enterprise. It is a high-tech enterprise established by foreign famous university returnees, domestic animal husbandry experts and senior people engaged in micro ecological industry for many years. Study of microbial feed additive technology company, providing technical services to animal husbandry, technology research and development of biological products and health food, organic food, production and sales of feed raw materials, feed additives.
Surprisingly, the boss of the company, Wang Cheng, is a "80" after all". Intend to interview Wang Chengqian, and he agreed to start a telephone interview time, how can not get through, because many times the phone call is always busy, every day I finally got through, but he who is in the field trip, speak simply straightforward personality, let a person feel he is busy full of go. Mr. Wang, who has been standing and holding the book, has already matured in the market. He has mentioned modestly in the interview. He has nothing to write about, but just wants to share his experience with his business.
Building confidence with table tennis
Wang Cheng graduated from Shandong Agricultural University, Grade 2000, majored in animal medicine. He said he was a college after two years of reading. In those years, Wang Cheng's academic performance was good at first, and he was always the best in the department. But his family was poor, his adolescence, the huge gap between reality and ideal, which brought great pressure to him. Too much thinking and too much stress led to his frequent insomnia in high school. In this case, his first college entrance examination results are not ideal, only admitted to a medical college in Ji'nan. When he entered the university campus, the total feeling of junior college education is not ideal, so decided to drop out, back to school again. Under pressure, he experienced second times of college entrance examination, this score enough undergraduate line, but he still feel not ideal, but also participated in the third college entrance examination. Under the great pressure of the two college entrance examination failure, the third college entrance examination is still not ideal, but he decided to obey the fate, and entered the Shandong Agricultural University to study animal medicine. Wang Cheng said, had to apply for this major is his family to discuss and make joint decisions, because at that time the family was too poor, this is a study of animal medicine professional tuition low, two felt that the employment situation is not very good at that time, rural children learn the professional can at least use, can not find work at home to the village livestock doctor, so they have to eat.
With this idea, Wang Cheng entered the university campus, Wangcheng found around the city students dressed, like talent widely, basically will participate in school activities, and he felt what are not, character is very introverted, do not love to talk, a talk on the blush, it makes him some inferiority. He accidentally got into table tennis, which made him fall in love with the sport. In addition to the daily life and learning, he almost all the time in table tennis, even at night before going to sleep, he does not stop wondering how to play table tennis. Gradually, he plays table tennis better, down four years of college, he played from the school to the whole school, both teachers and students, almost no one can be his opponent, which makes him greatly confidence.
Lower yourself, just to fly higher
In 2004, Wang Cheng graduated from university. At first, he found an equivalent of technicians working in a company, in his words, feed the chickens, raising pigs, holding more than 1000 yuan monthly salary. In 2004, more than 1000 yuan of wages is not too small, but for the time to rush to pay off student loans, the family also owe an account of Wang Cheng, this salary is not enough to support the use of life. He noticed that the salesman in the company paid much more than he did, which made him envious and had the idea of becoming a salesman.
In 2007, after careful consideration, Wang resigned boldly and applied for another animal husbandry company. Surprisingly, his qualifications for employers were high school graduates, without any experience. He confessed that he had told him in the past three years that he had to put himself at the bottom and let others see him as a Zhang Baizhi, and he was going to fight back. At the beginning of the business, there were no familiar customers. Wang Cheng needed to go from door to door, from door to door. At that time, the traffic was not developed, the bus can not reach the village, Wang Cheng has been walking, walking dozens of kilometers a day, but he has not taken this as bitter, on the contrary, walking with the mentality of traveling to enjoy the beautiful scenery. With his sincere and enthusiastic sales, several customers finally accepted his products. Wang Cheng holding a sincere heart, the money for customers never count, always get the money to go. But once he has returned to town, found a man for money even more than 300 yuan, he was born in the countryside farmers understand how money is not easy, he immediately returned, and walked ten miles, this 300 yuan returned to uncle. Uncle was moved, so he introduced a lot of customers. A lot of customers, revenues are naturally high, so Wang Cheng also did not expect that, after this business has been carried out from his brainchild, has been a champion of sales in the company. In 2008, Wang Cheng kept his promise to pay off 20 thousand yuan of student loans, and paid the family to build a new house.
Safety, family friendship is the most important
One of the things that happened later had a profound influence on Wang Cheng's views on health and life. Helmet is an essential protection device for motorcycles, but like other people at the time, Wang Cheng did not wear it while wearing it, and did not strictly abide by it. Once, on the way to visit the client, Wang Cheng had a car accident, fortunately, he was wearing a helmet, head not injured, but the clavicle is a comminuted fracture. The incident is fat, their students are not in the vicinity of the vehicle to escape, leaving him lying on the ground, he recalled the floating knocked out feeling, have mixed feelings, feel that life is fragile. After waking up, he endured the pain, called the ambulance, and sent him to hospital. In order not to worry about his parents, Wang Cheng did not dare to let his family know that he had a car accident, and his parents knew how to love dearly.
In order to maintain the customer, seventh days of the accident and he set foot on the road to visit customers, but he has to pay more attention to personal safety, understand the importance of health; at the same time, pay more attention to family and friendship, this let him go the way of more cautious. He felt that this is a blessing in disguise.
Entrepreneurship is not as hard as it's supposed to be
In 2012, for Wang Cheng with the significance of the year, this year, he declined the high salary of foreign companies, began his entrepreneurial journey, founder of the Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. ltd.. Company to "moral health source, return to nature" business philosophy, design a new security health new overall solution, based on biotechnology, health care and the people in the future, good service and ensuring the safety of food chain. He believes that "only focus, can make the product better."". Let people use assured products, let human beings and animals return to nature in high-tech achievements.
He said frankly, when he did business has reached a certain height, feeling can not break through, want to change a different way. Perhaps it is because of these years accumulated rich experience, perhaps because he himself has always been optimistic and positive, and others difficult to start business is different, the company after his entrepreneurial development is still smooth. From the beginning of the brand agency, to independent research and development of products, by using his professional knowledge and hands-on, use their professional knowledge and practical experience in the research and development of new products, not to the pursuit of profit, but has always been the pursuit of product effect and brand effect, because he believed: products from the character, quality in detail, the quality is the life of enterprise.
In order to enrich himself and grow up, he is now working in the gap, non-stop shuttle between various lectures, determined to lifelong learning. Let him continue to learn more in the enterprise operation management, marketing and professional knowledge, and he will have learned, their life, their work experience to share to each company for people to share in the development of the company, each person, because he knew that the first duty is Enyuan training and achievement, followed by the cows cause things well, as for the profit is an excellent enterprise to do well to follow the associated product. Jianyuan biological always try to make all employees happy in the work on the platform of Jianyuan biological, happy life, to realize the dream of my life......
During the interview, Wang Cheng mentioned numerous times he usually is a low-key person, he does not want too much publicity to him personally, but he is willing to his own experience to encourage "80" "90" young people to entrepreneurship, don't cling to a parent, a play, the people who contribute to society. Wang Cheng has a strong sympathy, on the road for beggars, he will always generous alms, regardless of true and false, in his words, it is not easy for people to pull down their faces to beg. He mentioned, more than once, that he admired Chairman Mao, which was rarely seen in the post-80s generation. He admired Chairman Mao, who was born in the countryside, but had great ambitions. He studied and enriched himself constantly and helped the masses. Talk about Chairman Mao's valiant record and the impact on their own, now confident Wangcheng excited bright eyes vaguely tears.
Wang Cheng, along with the increase of experience and age, perception of life is more, before the hard work is to change yourself and family economic conditions, now he is increasingly aware that when people develop to a certain extent, for something of little significance in terms of their own, just to prove their ability to reach a certain level in a way. He said the more things he is now experiencing the weakness of character improved better, he tried all the power, do not make excuses for yourself, let oneself from a poor shy person into a generous person, from complaints into gratitude, from hesitation become decisive, from self to have self-knowledge. He is willing to share his experience with young people, tell them, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so difficult to imagine, as long as the efforts to speak good faith, God will open a window for you.

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