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Good people, good culture, good products

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"The use of a company's products, more important is the value of the company's services and service quality, as long as the service and keep up with the character, their products will not be poor, this is the reporter heard in Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. booth interview most of the sentence. Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a company committed to the development, production and sales of biological agents and the overall solution for the promotion of high-tech enterprises. The company since its establishment in 2014, adhering to the "health culture, return to nature, to ensure food safety and health" mission, actively introduce innovative micro ecological preparation technology and solutions, in order to improve the level of dairy farming and make unremitting efforts. The company's products, such as silage treasure, Jian Li Yuan, Yi Kangtai, Yuan Yuan, and so on, have been awarded the gold medal of Shandong animal husbandry Fair for two consecutive years, and won many national and provincial awards. At present, the company has 21 sales offices, sales network covering 32 provinces and autonomous regions, with professional technical service team to the front line, for farmers to solve the problems in production, by farmers and industry acclaim.

Products really service excellent customers get benefits, employees realize value

"Many customers are established at the beginning of the establishment of the relationship, and has been using our products, customers of the company's culture, business level and product are highly recognized. Most customers first recognized our service concept and character, and then accepted our products, and found that our products are also very good." The general manager of Jianyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Wang Cheng told reporters, "the company's products determines the application of the final result, is the foundation. The company has been adhering to the "raw materials are expensive, not by making, although numerous, not half step" product concept, has been to ensure the "real products, real price, weight effect ', using the best biological probiotics, bring economic benefits to many farms. Product service, good product must keep up with the high quality service, frontline technicians Jianyuan in-depth ranch, solve practical problems to the ranch, "anxious customers, customer needs, transfer positive energy.". Customers are the source of the company. The staff of customer service, customer feedback enterprise, enterprise service employees to form a closed loop, the customer is the most important part in the middle, people will do than Jianyuan customers are more concerned about your cows, dairy farmers with conscience service. The company's culture and cohesion, "education training example; without him, without him, set a good example." cohesion to strict with oneself, begin from me. In Jianyuan should have 5 major value: let employees value, let the children to you as an example, let the parents to be proud of you, let your lover proud of you, let your friends to meet you for pleasure. The company lays down the core values for everyone, guides the dream of life through the core values, and stimulates the potential of employees." Finally, Wang also stressed his request for the employees "baby sincere, octogenarian wisdom of things, work hard, honest."

Voice of customers:
Personality and products are equally important, good people can create good products

Through interviews with customers and industry experts, the reporter found that Enyuan really put their ideas into practical work, brought benefit to pasture. Tangshan Luanxian Jun-ying ranch since the inception of the Jianyuan and Jianyuan cooperation, at present the pasture population 6000 long, more than 120 employees, with an annual output of 20 thousand tons of fresh milk. Like many other customers in the British director Ouyang Chunying ranch told reporters that she was first recognized Enyuan philosophy and corporate culture, only recognized Jianyuan products. In addition to providing true Jianyuan products significantly improve the health level of dairy cattle, but also in service team in a timely discovery service ranch, ranch problems and proposed solutions, and farmers a good pasture management. On the other hand, professionals train the farm workers to improve their management efficiency and benefit. Ouyang Chunying told reporters, in the help of Jianyuan, now her ranch management level and cow health standards have been a big step, especially during heat stress and loss of milk cow disease are few. She has Jianyuan products recommended to their relatives (many relatives and dairy farmers), they are in use, but also good. She is very optimistic about the source this enterprise, the next step is to Jianyuan investment.
Yunnan beef animal husbandry director Wang Gaofeng, in the industry is the famous cattle predecessors, 40 years old at his ranch, cattle, dairy herds 2500 bulls. You are the animal husbandry Jianyuan loyal customers, director Wang told reporters that the use of the product after Jianyuan to effectively control the number of farm milk indicators in the body cells, the number of somatic cells can be controlled in 80 thousand / ml, improve the health level of cattle, especially reduce the stress response in the transport process of the cow. He said the future will continue to cooperate with the source.
Shanxi Xinzhou Yinshan Lake Ranch director Liu Yongjun told reporters that he had two years of cooperation with the source, and the clerk of the company has become the friend, each Jianyuan salesman to go to Xinzhou to do farm services, will live in his home. He is recognized Enyuan filial piety culture and salesman's service level and source products. He gave the sick cattle using Jianyuan products, the effect is very obvious, significantly improve the immunity of dairy cows. At present, many of Xinzhou's ranch in the use of Jianyuan products.
The national dairy technology system of Shijiazhuang comprehensive experimental station of Zhang Xintong told reporters that the ranch is in need of service, can give effective service Jianyuan ranch. A lot of Jianyuan salesman in-depth farm services, live in farm. Found problems, can give timely suggestions niuchang. Enyuan also invited industry experts to train the ranch. The process of product upgrades Jianyuan ranch in Shijiazhuang District in reducing the number of somatic cell stress caused by the growth of dairy cows, so farmers can successfully make milk, to reduce the loss of pasture.

Staff voice:
Personal value enhancement, efforts to create a hundred years of enterprise

Jianyuan enterprise culture and the cohesion of employees is a reporter saw one of the best enterprises, everyone is full of enthusiasm and passion. In the interview process, to reporters left the deepest impression is that they all feel their own value in the company has been the biggest embodiment. For Wang sum enterprise has deep gratitude, think Wang Zong is not only a good boss, but also a good mentor". Wang will teach "honest, practical work" firmly in mind, to guide their work and life. The only female clerk said Wang Xing in the candle when always close to tears, "although Wang is usually very strict, but for the life of staff is very concerned about the problems we may encounter will be talking about the business process in advance every time, and analyze and provide solutions to ensure the successful completion of the task safely." She also told reporters, "Wang total entrepreneurship is very difficult, under the pressure of student loans, start from scratch.". In the beginning of the enterprise, our enterprise is like a cart, the car sitting on our staff, Wang always try hard to pull the car, the enterprise is moving forward step by step. Now after continuous learning and growth, we will with Wang a car pulled the cart, let enterprise Jianyuan run faster and farther."
The nearly two-hour interview, Booth who have been packed, households and farming experts and scholars which customers, come near, Jianyuan 20 person team too busy to attend to all, but everyone is full of enthusiasm, not slack, which is a manifestation of the ongoing efforts of the Jianyuan 3 years achievements. The king said, Jianyuan hundred years to do business. I wish in the century Jianyuan road better, farther and farther, more strength for the dairy industry's contribution Chinese.

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