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Special purpose of Liyuan pig

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●Product component analysis guarantee: The total number of living bacteria over 5 * 109CFU/g

●Raw material composition: Composition of Bacillus subtilis, butyric acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, plant extracts, oligosaccharide and its metabolites, carrier.


1, improve the disease resistance of piglets, effectively reduce the incidence of diarrhea and enteritis of piglets.
2, supplementation of endogenous digestive enzymes, adding nutrients such as anti nutritional enzymes, bioactive peptides and unknown growth promoting factors to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients in feed, and improve piglets survival rate and daily gain.
3, to reduce the harmful substances such as indole, skatole, optimizing the cultivation environment.

●Keep in storage:  Yin Liang, stored in a dry and ventilated place, avoid storing mixed with toxic and harmful substances.

●Quality guarantee period:12 months。

●Matters needing attention

1, the full use of this product is the best effect, the dosage can be increased during the period of illness.
2, in the process of use, the animal's immune procedure and health prevention work are carried out as usual.
3, the long term use of this product does not produce drug resistance, no drug residues.
4, this product is beneficial after processing, tolerance to high temperature of 85.

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