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Three hundred years of glorious stand together through storm and stress, for - Jianyuan biological Jianyuan (2014.6.8-2017.6.8) was founded in 3rd Anniversary

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 The sun and the moon cycle, passing of night,
Looking back on three years of steady enyuan,
Cannot do without the efforts of each source,
Cannot do without a source of customer trust and support,

It is inseparable from every expert, scholar, industry leader's concern and help,
Three years together, thank you all the way!

In June 4, 2017, the company was founded in 3rd anniversary to celebrate the occasion, Shandong Jianyuan biotechnology limited company in the beautiful scenery of the Culai mountain ski resort reception center held a "3rd anniversary anniversary campfire".


The achievements of the family's work have been unanimously endorsed by everyone

Families have dinner together

Everybody dances around the campfire
In June 5, 2017, in order to improve team cohesion and self upward, goals, and cooperative spirit of one heart and one mind, the company borrowed 3rd anniversary to celebrate the occasion held a "real CS" activities, the activities we unite, give advice and suggestions for the common goal of the activity increase among employees feelings at the same time, enhance coordination and the team combat team.

Fully equipped for combat ready.

In order to improve the quality of life of people enhance their self-confidence, Enyuan, enrich their amateur life, Jianyuan biological tissue employees in Culai Mountain Ski Resort Golf learning.
Golf is an elegant "noble" movement, is one of the three gentlemen Sports Golf, tennis and snooker {} acknowledged in the world, can not only exercise the body, self-cultivation, mental and physical pleasure, but also edify sentiment, is the elite favorite communicative activities.

The golf coach teaches you to practice the batting skills of golf

 Colleagues are getting familiar with the basic skills of golf
Although most people are just beginners, but everyone is enthusiastic practice, and soon mastered the knack of swing.

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