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At present, the cattle and sheep breeding industry in China has developed rapidly, and the level of scale and intensification is getting higher and higher. Driven by the transformation of new and old industries, and under the pressure of current environmental governance, industrial development is showing new trend and new characteristics of cattle / sheep epidemics. How to grasp the new situation and new trends in cattle and sheep breeding, grasp the precise and healthy breeding technology, control the occurrence of major epidemics effectively, and promote the healthy development of cattle and sheep breeding industry is an urgent problem to be solved in the industry development.

September 20, 2017 -9 month 22 days, the fourth "scale cattle farm precision farming scale and disease control training and new technology forum, held in the" Five Mountains "in Taishan, the meeting invited well-known experts and scholars, the national and provincial modern agriculture and industrial technology system experts and professors as well as from the breeding line large enterprise technology management expert lectures and forums.

First speech of the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony, the leadership of Shandong Agricultural University, Shandong province animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Tai'an city animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine and animal science and technology Shandong Agricultural University leadership will have on the conference after the opening ceremony, the leaders, experts and guests to take pictures together.

A picture of a picture

Two. Academic report

This conference invited Cui Zhizhong, a professor and doctoral tutor of Shandong Agricultural University. The content of the report is "reflection and suggestion on the prevention and control technology of cattle, sheep, human and animal diseases", inspired by the prevention and control technology of livestock leukemia. The Development Manager - thermofisher scientific animal health market report: "no Weng Linan, bovine tuberculosis in the world". The doctoral research department of Shandong Agricultural University Professor, director of | tutor Wang Zhonghua, the contents of the report: "the precise key technology of dairy cattle health culture". Professor Wang Chunao of Shandong Agricultural University, report on "prevention and control techniques and key points of metabolic diseases of dairy cows". Professor, vice president of Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities | bouge amount, the contents of the report: "cow mastitis prevention and control technology and biological products research". Shandong Province, Binzhou animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute president Shen Zhiqiang, the contents of the report: "experts and important disease forecast and prevention and control technology" and other academic reports, according to the new characteristics of cattle disease, how to grasp the precise farming techniques, the occurrence and spread of disease control, health development for cattle and sheep breeding strength your contribution.

Three, Shandong Jianyuan biological team

Shandong Jianyuan Biotechnology Co. Ltd. as the exhibitors to participate in the general assembly, together with the healthy development of experts and professors, distinguished guests together to share their power of sheep and cattle farming. The meeting for the guests to Jianyuan biological "sages", "fundamental Jianyuan times" books, the guests have to look after the Jianyuan culture is very recognized.

Shandong Jianyuan biological team

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